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The OS data platform

The OS Data Hub is a data platform. It provides access to all Ordnance Survey datasets, through a suite of APIs and data downloads.
With it, you can integrate geospatial data into your apps, and even use it to build your own data visualisations and solutions.

What is the OS Data Hub

Benefits of the OS Data Hub

Whether you’re new to geospatial or a GIS data expert, our data platform grants access to our data

Discover our platform and the benefits of using it, along with an explanation of the types of GIS data you can get.

What is the OS Data Hub?
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OS OpenData Plan

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Public Sector Plan

Includes open and premium data made available through the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA)

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OS Data

Our geospatial data is Great Britain’s most authoritative source and includes high-resolution basemapping, addressing data, and geographical features

  • OS data products

    Discover OS geospatial data download products, API products, and geospatial services, and find out how they can benefit your organisation.

  • Raster and vector maps

    Vector maps or raster maps, for download or by API. Basemapping products give you the canvas for your solution.

  • API products

    OS map APIs (application programming interface) enable you to integrate with existing map services, develop new applications, and avoid writing all the low-level code.

Getting started

Browse our product examples, API content, and OS licensing

  • Projects and product demos

    Want to see what other developers are doing with our data? View some of OS's applications.

  • API blogs

    Read all about our geospatial APIs to help you decide which is right for you.

  • OS Licensing

    You may need a licence to use OS data. Choose the licence that’s right for you.

why choose OS

Why choose Ordnance Survey?

We are the National Mapping Service for Great Britain and home to quality location data and experts who can help turbo-charge your products and services.

Three reasons to choose us;

  1. Quality data – OS data is known for accuracy, currency, and standards. We’re also trusted to manage third party data safely on secure platforms.
  2. Technical support – you can get help to embed location into your data science and processes from OS experts, how to guides and more.
  3. Partner network - we’re up for collaborating and have a great network of start-ups, partners and relationships in the private and public sector you can tap into.
Who we work with

Who we work with

We support government and the private sector across a range of sectors.

Our commercial network of over 400 partners can help you with bespoke location solutions from OS data. We’re also proud founders of Geovation, helping location start-ups get new ideas off the ground.

Whether you’re a geospatial data expert or new to the field, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Need some support?

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