Licensing guidance

Help with selecting the right licence and sector-specific licensing support

Getting started with OS licensing

If you’re new to Ordnance Survey and wish to use OS data in any way, you may require a licence or contract that sets out the relevant terms

What licence do I need?

The licence you need depends on what type of customer you are and what you wish to do with OS data. Visit our helpful search page where you can filter for customer suitability, sector and data usage requirements to find the right licence for your needs.

How much does a licence cost?

Each of our licences clearly state the cost. You will find prices on the ‘licensing agreement’ tab of each licence web page – Many licences are free, such as those linked to the PSGA.

How do I apply for a licence?

Licence applications vary, depending on what you need. You will find clear guidance on how to apply for each licence on the ‘Get this licence’ tab of each licence web page.

Search for licences

We understand there are several options for you to consider so OS is here to help you choose the licence that’s right for your needs

Finding the right licence

How do you need to use OS data? We’ve pre-selected some short-lists to help you decide which licence is right for your needs

Licensing guidance for PSGA members

Learn everything you need to share OS data or create and publish derived data under the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA).

Public sector licensing guidance

HM Land Registry services

Find out about the different services and licences offered by HM Land Registry and Registers of Scotland.

Need some more help?

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