OS Open Zoomstack

Ordnance Survey's OS Open Zoomstack is an open vector basemap showing coverage of Great Britain from a national level, right down to street detail.

  • Contextual or derived mapping
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This product is updated every six months

Representation of data provided
Representation of data provided
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What OS Open Zoomstack provides you with

A single data file

There’s no need to crunch 1000’s of data files – we’ve done it for you. The data is available in just one single file. It’s provided in easy-to-use formats to help you get started quickly.

High-definition mapping

Vector Map Tiles contain actual data and not just images, which can be interrogated and analysed. The high-definition mapping also renders quickly, giving a seamless experience.

National coverage

OS Open Zoomstack gives you consistent mapping content across the whole of Great Britain. Zoom out for an overview or zoom in to get street level detail. From the Scilly Isles to Shetland you get a seamless mapping experience.

Variety of mapping features

By combining elements of OS OpenData, OS Open Zoomstack offers a variety of mapping features, from local buildings to contours, from greenspaces to foreshore. Whether you're mapping urban or rural environments you can find and customise the content you need.

Map with style

OS Open Zoomstack is supplied with four beautiful cartographic styles. You can also create your own look and feel by customising the cartography. Apply your own brand colours or get creative, OS Open Zoomstack allows you to create the maps you want.

OS Open Zoomstack

Technical information

© Crown copyright and database rights. Ordnance Survey 2024


Use cases
  • Use as a basemap in GIS, interactive web maps or mobile apps
  • Integrate your own data to give it geographic context
  • Customise the style and content to make your perfect map
  • Download
Data theme
  • Contextual
Data structure
Vector (Points, Lines, Polygons, Text)
Great Britain
National scale to street scale (1:5,000,000 to 1:10,000)
  • GeoPackage
  • Vector Tiles (MBTiles)
Ordering area
  • All of Great Britain
Publication months
  • June
  • December
OS Data Hub plan
  • OS OpenData Plan (FREE)
  • Public Sector Plan
  • Premium Plan
  • Energy & Infrastructure Plan

Documents and Support

Getting started guides

  • OS Open Zoomstack - Getting started guide
    The getting started guide provides instructions for using the product in different software applications. Users with limited technical knowledge will be able to follow this guide.
    1,976 kb
    January 8, 2019

Technical specification

  • OS Open Zoomstack - Technical specification
    The technical specification provides detailed technical information about the product. It is targeted at technical users and software developers.
    831 kb
    January 8, 2019

Supporting documents

  • Getting started with GeoPackage
    This guide helps you to get started using GeoPackage - a lightweight format that can contain large amounts of complex data in a single, easy to distribute and ready to use file.
    1.11 mb
    September 30, 2021

Additional information

You can overlay and include third party data in your GIS

For example, Axis Maps used OS Open Zoomstack and Land Registry data to create this interactive house prices map.

OS Open Zoomstack

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What you get

Key features
  • A single data file
  • High-definition mapping
  • National coverage
  • Variety of mapping features
  • Map with style
Contextual or derived mapping
  • Download
Data structure
Vector (Points, Lines, Polygons, Text)
Update frequency
Every six months

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