A Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) is a unique and persistent identifier for every street, road, track, path, cycle track or cycle way in Great Britain.

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Representation of data provided
Representation of data provided

What OS Open USRN provides you with

Essential identifiers for streets

Our Open USRN product contains USRNs across GB. They are the authoritative identifier assigned to and uniquely identifying streets and are essential for managing Great Britain's Highways. Once its allocated to a street record, a USRN will never change or be reused.

Authoritative source

The USRNs in OS Open USRN are allocated by Highway or Road Authorities and Highway Bodies, under their statutory responsibility to maintain this information. This means you can have confidence you’re accessing an authoritative source of these identifiers.

Complete USRN data

All USRNs present in OS MasterMap Highways Network, are also included in this product – so you can be sure you’re not missing out.

Share and link data

OS Open USRN will enable you to start sharing and linking together information about USRNs which you can visualise with a location.


Technical information


Use cases

OS Open USRN enables users to:

• share information held against a USRN with a location • link together information associated with USRNs

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Data theme
  • Transport
Data structure
Vector - Identifiers
Great Britain
1:1250 to 1:10,000
  • GeoPackage
Ordering area
  • All of Great Britain
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  • OS OpenData Plan (FREE)
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Documents and Support

Getting started guides

  • OS Open Identifiers - Overview
    The overview introduces the product and gives context for all users. It highlights key features, provides examples of potential uses for the product and lists details like file sizes, supply formats, etc.
    1,377 kb
    September 1, 2020

Technical specification

  • OS Open USRN – Technical specification
    The technical specification provides detailed technical information about the product. It is targeted at technical users and software developers.
    991 kb
    March 1, 2021

Release notes


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What you get

Key features
  • Essential identifiers for streets
  • Authoritative source
  • Complete USRN data
  • Share and link data
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Data structure
Vector - Identifiers
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