Centremaps is an established provider of digital and paper mapping, with a background in topographical, measured building and underground services surveying where data capture and information accuracy is critical.

Meet the Partner

The CentremapsLive data portal provides an instantly accessible means to locate, view, license and download geospatial data in a range of formats across the UK. All backed up with offline support and consultancy built on over 20 years of offering Ordnance Survey data and solutions.

Ordnance Survey provides the definitive and most current datasets for Great Britain. Centremaps makes access to this information simpler with intuitive ordering and useful formats as well as extending the content with combined data, such as BGS geological mapping in a layered PDF document. Data ranges from detailed large-scale mapping through historical mapping to addressing, aerial imagery, height, geology, environmental, utility information and more with raw data or reports for specialisms such as environmental risk.

How they can help you

CentremapsLive provides access to a wide range of maps, data and services including:

Small and large-scale digital mapping and data

Services and consultancy


Advice on spatial databases and data handling

Centremaps supports business across asset management, planning, land development, telecommunications, and energy. The company provides solutions to suit a wide spectrum of clients from individuals requiring a planning map to digital content providers serving millions of customers. Prices range from £5 to £500,000.


  • Addressing solutions (insights, cleansing, lookup services)
  • Asset management
  • Claims analysis and fraud modelling
  • Customer relationship management
  • Land and property management
  • Logistics and delivery solutions
  • Planning applications and conveyancing
  • Site analysis and environmental reports
  • Underwriting and risk analysis
  • Vehicle tracking and navigation
  • Finance
  • Government and public sector
  • Land and property
  • Retail, ecommerce and consumer ordering
  • Transport and logistics
  • Utilities and telecoms
  • Addressing and location
  • Contextual or derived mapping
  • Height and imagery
  • Networks
  • Topography

Their partnership with OS

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Strategic Partner

We’re strategically important to each other and work closely together to be world leaders in geospatial services; creating location insight for positive impact. Together we deliver value to a range of customers across multiple sectors by sharing expertise and a working towards a shared vision for the future.


“I have used CML for several years and it's a great portal for ordering mapping data. Most products are available instantly which is helpful when working on projects with tight timescales. Excellent customer service and support.”

“Great resource for OS maps and helpful customer service. Perfect for our organisation's needs.“

“Have used this supplier for use in planning applications etc. for a number of years and found it to be a very satisfactory service at a good price.”

Learn more

Find out more about planning maps: www.myplanningmap.co.uk

For simplified, personal mapping solutions: www.getaplan.co.uk

For professional mapping solutions: www.centremapslive.co.uk