CDR Group

CDR Group is a software company specialising in geographic information systems and digital geographic data. We offer experienced consultancy, training, software development and data capture services to the public and private sectors.

Meet the Partner

Formed in 1982, CDR is a Precisely Software Premier Partner in the UK, Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner and accredited to ISO 9001 for ‘Data Acquisition and Validation Services, Software Sales and Support.’ As well as providing Ordnance Survey digital data and translation services, the diverse skills of its staff and the longevity of the company ensures success in providing a full range of GIS related products and services to an ever-increasing client base, making it one of the UK's most experienced 'one-stop-shops' for GIS users.

How they can help you

As an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner, CDR can supply most of the Ordnance Survey digital data products to any other clients under an annual licence basis. CDR is also able to offer expertise in implementing the various digital mapping products available for use.

From streets, demographics, aerial photography, postcodes, boundary regions and industry-specific data from around the world, CDR can provide the tools needed to make intelligent maps and better decisions. CDR can source data from the most respected suppliers in the industry, ensuring that the provision of reliable, up-to-date information that works seamlessly with mapping applications, and its independent advisory services are aimed at providing the most appropriate data set to match specific requirements.

Its leading GIS solution is the world’s premier desktop mapping application, MapInfo Professional, helping business analysts, planners, GIS professionals – even non-GIS users – gain new insights into their business, share information-rich maps and improve strategic decision-making. MapGML, is a MapInfo MapBasic add-on application to translate OS MasterMap Topography Layer and Highways and VectorMap Local quickly and efficiently into MapInfo TAB format. MapInfo Pro is a product from Precisely Inc. and is in use with every business sector across the globe. CDR Group assists clients in the UK in getting the very best from their investment in this software in combination with Ordnance Survey data.

CDR provides its services for any organisation in need of geospatial data. A range of software solutions are designed specifically for:

  • Utility industries
  • Emergency services
  • Local Government
  • The MOD
  • Environmental bodies
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Insurance and financial services

Their partnership with OS

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We work together to help customers extract the value of our world class location data through innovative geospatial services and solutions.