CACI provides a range of digital geospatial datasets as well as GIS and locational software solutions and services.

Meet the Partner

At CACI we bring together the power of data and technology to create intelligence that helps propel our clients’ success.

 Our collaborative approach enables the discovery and exploration of new ideas, opportunities and systems that use data and technology in a powerful and meaningful way. CACI provides industry-leading insight solutions to organisations, large and small, from the grocery retailer giants, to energy/utilities, central and local government, the NHS, finance, logistics and many more. We work with our clients to help them derive actionable B2B or B2C insights, enhancing their understanding of their markets, clients and performance and helping them to optimise their operations for improved performance.

Headquartered in London with a staff of around 900 colleagues, CACI provides a broad range of specialist solutions, including;

  • geospatial analytics tools, allowing clients to interact with a huge range of geographic information
  • route and schedule planning solutions for people and vehicles, saving time and money by optimising field force operations
  • address-matching capability, enabling us to add insight to our clients’ customer data such as socio-demographic background, financial position and lifestyle choices
  • business intelligence solutions, drawing on the best CACI and third-party content, bringing clients’ data to life.

Location is the central component for much of our work.

How they can help you

We use data in amazing ways to answer your business-critical questions about location opportunities, including current performance and future growth in revenue and sites. We are experts in;

  • Location Consultancy – delivering data-led insight in context – for investment, divestment, development and re-purposing
  • Sales forecasting - Predictive modelling that combines powerful data sources to reveal the revenue potential of location
  • Network optimisation – situate and configure each outlet in the network to satisfy demand
  • Customer insight – consumer and user research delivers direct, highly targeted insight for your brand or destination
  • Owner/occupier insight – we support successful strategic and commercial decision-making with specialised property insights
  • Investment analytics – market-leading data insight into location potential. Understand investment opportunities
  • Market insight – understand new markets and monitor change and opportunities in locations around the world
  • Routing and Scheduling - Create customised road speed networks and restrictions, allowing you to plan highly efficient scheduling – saving time and reducing costs.
  • Geo Data - Pinpoint your customers’ addresses data with premise-level (rooftop) geocoding and undertake detailed building analysis. CACI also provides vehicle specific road speeds linked to detailed street networks for more realistic travel time results as well as a wide selection of boundary and business location datasets to aid analysis.
  • As well as data and solutions, CACI provides a wide range of consultancy services, technical support and professional training.

CACI provides solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of our customers; as such, the level of investment will depend on the extent of each project.

Their partnership with OS

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We share OS Know-How with our Partners, helping them to grow their commercial offer whilst feeding back into the OS product and development roadmap too.


"They matched all our requirements, and were prepared to handle the job on a project basis. As it was a one-off exercise, this was a much better prospect than buying software and going through a learning process ourselves."


"We found the team very friendly and customer-focused. Dealing with them was a very pleasant experience, which we really enjoyed."

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