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Explore our interactive learning zone; packed with fun geography games, new map-reading skills, and much more.


What is Mapzone?

Mapzone is a learning zone OS has created for children. It presents key geography skills in a fun and interactive way.

You can share Mapzone resources with your pupils for home learning activities, to teach them the importance of mapping and geography terminology in a playful environment.


Learn and test your map skills


Discover Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Play a range of geography games

Explore Mapzone

  • Games

    Choose from a range of fun geography games to play, including map dash, symbol drop, puzzle adventure, and much more.

  • Map skills

    Learn how to get started with mapping. Map skills are very useful and will help you at school, at home, on holiday, and on days out. See where a map can take you!

  • Map quizzes

    Test your map skills and knowledge with our interactive geography quizzes about map symbols, grid references, and more.

  • Geography

    Explore the geography section, packed with information to help you with map work you do at school, and develop your mapping skills for leisure and fun.

  • GIS zone

    Learn about Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and how they become parts of our everyday lives – often without a map in sight.

  • Mapping knowledge zone

    Test your mapping and trivia knowledge with our quiz. Choose your answer by selecting A, B, or C and see how high you can score. Good luck!

Further teacher resources

Access geography teaching resources sorted into key stages; suitable for all age ranges from early years and key stage 1 up to key stage 4.

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