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Bring your geography classes to life with a range of teaching resources from Ordnance Survey (OS)

Discover a broad range of teaching resources available to help you meet the national geography curriculum, from the age of five to 19. Explore free primary school resources to help with map reading, interactive online learning to improve map skills, access to online maps, and geographical information systems (GIS) tools.

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  • Teaching resources

    Access geography teaching resources for primary and secondary school education; suitable for all age ranges from early years and key stage 1 up to key stage 4.

  • Mapzone learning

    Mapzone is a free teaching resource that brings geography and mapping to life! Discover interactive games, map skills, quizzes, and learn more about GIS.

  • GIS for schools

    Browse key Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools for schools. We list helpful references for teachers and pupils, from Digimap to ArcGIS.

Using OS data in education and research

Find out how to use OS data in education and research to support the delivery of the national curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence.

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